My new 0.3 Megapixel camera just arrived from 1999. It comes with floppies.

I splurged & picked up a Sony Mavica FD-73. Takes high-quality photos in 640x480, a whopping 300 Kilopixels, great for emailing to your America Online buddies.


From the manual:

"Get into digital photography the easy way with the Sony Mavica. This digital darling eliminates drivers, cables and adapters. The 350k pixel image sensor produces razor-sharp pictures you can see immediately on the built-in 2.5 inch color monitor. Just shoot, store and show with the Sony Cyber-Shot Mavica digital camera."

"View dazzling 24-bit color images on a 2.5" LCD color display viewfinder and store up to 40 images per 3.5" floppy disk in a universal JPEG format. View and manage your images on a PC or Macintosh system and use with virtually all current software applications to enhance your multimedia presentations. The Mavica also features 1/60 to 1/4000 second shutter speeds, built-in flash and PhotoStudio software from ArcSoft."


And here are some lovely sample images from some flickr user:


I'll post more sample images as soon as they finish uploading over my 14.4K connection.