breaking iPhone's new HDR feature at 75mph


Took the new HDR feature on the road and shot out the window of a moving car on the highway, something i'm sure many, many people will do. Since the phone needs to capture 3 exposures of the same scene, any movement in that small timeframe creates a pretty interesting result, even for crap photos like this. If you're sharp, you'll notice some pixel stretching on the left, multiple trees aside.

If you're not familiar, HDR, or high dynamic range imaging, is a technique of combining photos of varying exposures (usually one underexposed, one properly exposed & one over-exposed image) to achieve a more "dynamic" range of light & color in the highlights & shadows. Basically, it's pretty handy to have in the latest iPhone camera update - especially for a device that's notorious for its over-blown images & lack of aperture control.

If & when you update your phone (4.1 should be out this week) go misuse it!